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Bitcoin - my experiences

Started by Theo Gottwald, November 21, 2013, 07:37:06 AM

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Theo Gottwald

Why is it interesting?
BITCOIN has also to do with Computers. It is virtual "Money" that is generated as hashsums.

Actually 12 Mio. Bitcoins are produced. A maximum of 21 Mio. is possible.
No inflation danger!

Anyway I would say its not money - its not a Coin. Its like Artwork ... somehow like a Picture from Picasso or like that.
The value is there because people pay for it.
But anyway what is the EUR? IS also Artwork. The difference is the value.

2010 you could have bought "5000 Bitcoins" für  around $20.
TODAY 1 Bitcoin is about $600. (2013)
TODAY its 60.000 (2021)

A person from Norway bought some BitCoins at this time and remembered some weeks before.
He was Millionaire overnight.

Does it have any real value? Does a Picasso have a real value?
The value comes from that people use it for paying and deal with it.
And people buy it and sell it in banks. Somehow like stocks.

Self Minning?
In earlier days, people could use their home-computers to generate their own Bitcoins.
Today this is not more possible. Even the GPU is much to slow.
They actually use ASIC Hardware that makes thousands of GHs per second (Giga Hash per second).
You can buy such hardware here.

How can sou take part?
Yes, its a success story, and with the inflation of the paper money, also the electronic currencies will get their friend.
Its not my opinion, you can see it how high the price for 1 Bitcoin is. And you can sell it anytime.
In this way its like money. You can exchange it here: www.bitcoin.de or http://www.bitcoin.com/

An interesting way is to participate by getting a share in "BitCoin Manufacruring".
This way people will produce constantly Bitcoins for you.

Buy and sell Bitcoins

Even 1 just one Bitcoin, that is at this time sold for 500 EUR can be 1 Mio. US$ or other future currencies in a few years.
Its just a "connect the points" game. Take the History and connect the points.
Get YOUR part today.

Anyway, think about getting a part of a Bitcoin and
just let it be there for a year or two and then look back and remember me.

Aslan Babakhanov

Mine tested with 4 head ATI GPU card and generated 1 BT per 2 days.
I think, distributed GPU network might do some job... maybe in future?