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I escaped

Started by James C. Fuller, January 10, 2019, 08:50:27 PM

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James C. Fuller

I noticed AIR has come out of BASIC coding retirement over on the ALL BASIC forum. Always a pleasure to see what he is up to even if it is Mac/Linux :)
  I have recently escaped from my "No Man's Sky" OCD captivity and am working on a new bc9Afx release.
With Visual Studio 2019 preview out I decided it was time to rework the batch files and add support for more than just TCLib and Afx. I will probably add MinGW by way of the NUWEN distro.
Stay tuned


Chris Chancellor

Good news,  i will have to start learning some c++ 

is the output to C++ or C  ?

James C. Fuller

  It is c++