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How Forum registration works currently

Started by Theo Gottwald, August 27, 2007, 08:07:20 AM

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Theo Gottwald

Let me explain, what happens if a new user registers to the forum.

The new user maybe want to download something, and he registers in the forum.
The Global Admins receive an e-mail mesage that says:

QuoteUser XY has just signed up as a new member of your forum.
  Click the link below to view their profile.

  • The first thing we do, is to check if the User has given a full, real name.
  • Then we verify the e-mailadress and the IP Adress, to be sure its not a spammer.
  • Next the person will get an e-mail from me which shall be answered with some Informations that proof that this person is not a Scammer .
  • Finally we could approve the account. You will get an E-Mail if you have been approved.
  • Users that have been identified as Scammers or Spammers will not be approved and will not get any reaction.

Future registrations will be sent an e-mail notification that the account has been approved.