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Android Linux Development

Started by John Spikowski, July 29, 2013, 07:33:54 AM

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John Spikowski

Thread CLOSED.

Not PowerBASIC related.

If this topic is still of interest, you can follow my adventures HERE.

Charles Pegge

Sounds great, John. Do you have access to all the android goodies: graphics, telephony, GPS,gravity etc.?

Glad you can plug in a keyboard.

Charles Pegge

I wonder if the NDK compiles code with a a Pentium emulation layer. This would explain why your modules are twice as long as native (direct ARM) compilation.

Stan Duraham

What about AIDE, Android IDE?
Have you looked at that?

It is java, but apparently you can build native apps.


added note;
build C/C++ NDK apps
no root required