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Broken Linux -> Java -> pogo.com games [FIXED]

Started by James C. Fuller, July 25, 2008, 01:19:47 PM

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James C. Fuller

  In your Linux research have you run across a fix for the inability to play java games on pogo.com?
It fails on Ubuntu 8.04 and Suse 11 that I have tried. I found a few so called fixes that did not work?

As funny as it might sound this is a REAL BIG DEAL to me. There are some exceptional (member) games that I play to fill in a few moments before I have to do something or go somewhere. No leaving windows quite yet.

Never mind ! I installed the Sun jre from the package manager and all is well!!

Edit #2; Well that worked on a newer ubuntu install but I had to uninstall the ubuntu repository jre install on another machine and use the sun 1.1.5 ? version.