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Inside OLE, 2nd Edition, 1995, By Kraig Brockschmidt

Started by Frederick J. Harris, October 17, 2010, 04:54:40 AM

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Frederick J. Harris

Just received a near mint copy of the above referenced book with an unopened CD containing all the 32 bit source code.  About five years ago I had inadvertantly purchased a used version of the original "Inside OLE 2" book (copywrite 1993) which was 16 bit from Windows 3.1 times.  I never really spent much time with it.  Last week I downloaded the source code from MSDN as well as an update (should be the same as with above) and fooled around with it.  Couldn't get anything to link.  Its 15 year old code.  When it was produced both Win 95 and NT 3.51 were both in pre-release beta.  So we're talking about some pretty ancient code.  In theory it should work but 'in theory' is oftentimes different from 'in actuality' (especially with software).  The oldest Microsoft compiler I have is VC++ 6 circa 1998 or so.  The stuff was written for VC++ 2 or something like that. 

This was a truely, truely important book, and the conversion of this code to present day C/C++ and/or PowerBASIC code would be a truely important endeavor (if successful).  I just don't know how much effort I want to devote to it.  I've already sunk a fair amount and have come up empty.  I havn't given up yet though.  I still have a few more ideas.