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Windows API Headers v.2.04

Started by José Roca, August 20, 2011, 10:19:36 PM

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José Roca

This project is an effort to translate the C headers of the Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows to PowerBASIC™. This version has been updated using the SDK for Windows 7.1.

These headers are freeware, not public domain. This means that you can use them for your own purposes, even in commercial applications, without paying a fee, but not to make derivative works from, sell or redistribute without permission. Also you must assume the entire risk of using them. Downloading the software indicates that you accept these terms.

Because of the use of new data types only available in PNWIN 10.0+ and PBCC 6.0+ and other features, they can only be used with the new compilers.

You must also be aware that these headers are not extensions to the ones provided with the compiler, but a full replacement. Therefore, you must not mix them with the PowerBASIC include files in any way, neither directly (via #INCLUDE), nor indirectly (via the include path in the IDE).

Unzip the attached file to a folder of your choice and replace the PB Include path in the PB Ide or the editor that you are using to that folder instead of C:\PBWin10\WinApi.

The wrapper functions for the Common Controls have been removed from CommCtrl.inc and placed in the following individual files. Therefore, the use of constants such %NOTOOLBAR, %NOUPDOWN, etc., is no longer needed. Just #INCLUDE the wanted files in your application.

AnimateCtrl.inc (Animation control)
ButtonCtrl.inc (Button control)
ComboBoxCtrl.inc (ComboBox control)
ComboBoxExCtrl.inc (ComboBoxEx control)
DateTimeCtrl.inc (Date Time control)
EditCtrl.inc (Edit control)
HeaderCtrl.inc (Header control)
HotKeyCtrl.inc (Hot Key control)
IPAddressCtrl.inc (IP Address control)
ListBoxCtrl.inc (ListBox control)
ListViewCtrl.inc (ListView control)
MonthCalCtrl.inc (Month Calendar control)
PagerCtrl.inc (Pager control)
ProgressBarCtrl.inc (Progress Bar control)
RebarCtrl.inc (Rebar control)
RichEditCtrl.inc (Rich Edit control)
ScrollBarCtrl.inc (Scroll Bar control)
StaticCtrl.inc (Static control)
StatusbarCtrl.inc (Status Bar control)
SysLinkCtrl.inc (SysLink control)
TabCtrl.inc (Tab control)
TaskDialogCtrl.inc (Task Dialog control)
ToolbarCtrl.inc (Toolbar control)
TrackbarCtrl.inc (Track Bar control)
TreeViewCtrl.inc (TreeView control)
UpDownCtrl.inc (UpDown control)

There are 1,181 files using 76,359,740 bytes.

José Roca

Help file for the main classes and wrapper functions available in the version 2.04 of the Windows API Headers for PBWin 10.02+ and PBCC 6.02+.

José Roca

Modified some functions of AfxFile.inc that return the time as a QUAD to accomodate them to the PowerBASIC native PowerTime object.