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Started by Nick Melnick, July 13, 2011, 10:46:39 PM

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Nick Melnick

A tip that I had provided earlier was not implemented in CSED_PRINT.INC
Unless the two lines below are exchanged, any '<' character will print/preview as '&lt;'.

REPLACE "<" WITH "&lt;" IN txt
REPLACE "&" WITH "&amp;" IN txt

Should be:

REPLACE "&" WITH "&amp;" IN txt
REPLACE "<" WITH "&lt;" IN txt

José Roca

Thanks for reminding it. I have changed it now, so this time I won't forget.

Nick Melnick

If you use a Bold font style and want it to be printed/previewed that way,

Change the line:
htmlHeader + = "   font-weight: normal;" & $CRLF

htmlHeader + = "   font-weight: " &  IIF$(pSed.DefaultFontBold, "bold;", "normal;") & $CRLF

If you do not care for the header/footer font in your printouts, while in the Print Preview
window, press the (Alt + U) keys to get the Page Setup dialog.
There is a 'Change Font' button in the lower left corner that allows you to, ummm, change the font.
Be advised tho, that this will make Internet Explorer behave in the same manner.