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CSED Redraw Problem

Started by Rolf Brandt, November 07, 2011, 03:09:23 PM

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Rolf Brandt

When I open a file with CSED the borders and the caption of the code window never appears, just the text itself. (See screenshot below.) Sometimes it will take 1 minute or longer until the borders appear. I noticed that the missing part are redrawn as soon as I minimize and maximize the editor.

Not a serious problem but strange. Any ideas?

(I am using Win XP Pro.)


José Roca

The editor does not draw the control. It draws itself. Therefore, if there is a problem is a Scintilla problem. You can try to download the latest version of SciLexer.dll in the Scintilla site to see if it is a bug and if it has been fixed.

Rolf Brandt

Thanks, Josè. I'll try that out.