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Started by Eckhard Seibel, December 14, 2011, 08:10:33 PM

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Eckhard Seibel

Deliver fast, native 32-bit and 64-bit cross platform  games and applications.
XPower++ enables you to write an app and compile it for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and Mobile Devices without the need to recompile your project on the target platform, all executable binaries are created with one single compilation.
XPower++ supports the Basic++ , C++, Java++, and Pascal++ language dialects, which gives you the flexibility to convert existing code and/or leverage existing resources....


good coding...

Christopher Boss

Huge runtimes to get cross platform.

Watch the videos.

A simple hello world app (one form with one button) ranges from 5 meg to about 8 meg in size.

Now the real question is whether the code is compiled to true native code or simply Pcode embeded in  a native runtime.
If it was compiled to true native code, then why a 5 to 8 meg EXE ?

The only reason for such large EXE's is likely a native runtime EXE is used and some kind of resources (the actual code) is embeded.
In essence an interpreted language.

Eckhard Seibel

Hi Christopher,
i think XPower++ use the FreePascal Crossplatform Compiler which produce native Executables in such size...

best regards

Theo Gottwald

5 to 8 MB?
Using PB 10 i can nearly compile the world to get this size  :-X.

Did you know that the whole PB Compiler including all Runtimes itself is below 300 kb if compressed with UPX?
I think if a program adds too many "++" after its name, i will be carefull with it  ;D ;D