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Delphi now on java virtual machine

Started by Paul Breen, December 16, 2011, 06:33:33 AM

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Paul Breen

The company that makes the prism compiler for Embarcadero has released another product that lets you use the Delphi (Oxygen) language that runs on the jvm. Instantly a Delphi programmer can do Android, Apple, and the Windows platform with a modern IDE(Visual Studio). I don't know why Powerbasic programmers are so adverse to NET and Java. Why not use Powerbasic on the jvm (or net as a second choice).

I want to program for mobile devices and multiple OS platforms. Why not adapt PB to the java virtual machine. By the way, the Delphi on java is 400$.

see http://www.remobjects.com/oxygene/

Theo Gottwald

Do you know Basic4Android?

See: http://www.basic4ppc.com/

Its below $99 and for Android a goodchoice so far i could see.

Paul Breen

Hello Theo:
I took a quick look at your link. The basic for Android looks fun to play with (only 49$ for students).

Do you get access to all java classes?

Theo Gottwald

I bought a licence for when i get time, but i avtually do not use it.
In fact i don't like JAVA, and this thing lets you use Java from BASIC.

I have managed to bring up a small Android-App thats no problem.
It looks funny for Android.

About the details, you need to read their forum or ask a Pro there.