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CSED Editor 1.03

Started by José Roca, July 11, 2011, 11:33:27 PM

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José Roca

A programmer's editor for the PB/WIN and PB/CC compilers. It uses Scintilla as the editing component.

Key Features

  • Tabbed MDI interface
  • Multiple instances
  • Drag and drop files to the editor
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Block indent/unindent
  • Block comment/uncomment
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Bookmarks
  • Codefinder
  • Keyboard macros
  • Folding
  • Zoom
  • Indentation guides
  • Project management
  • Codetips and autocompletion
  • Context help
  • Customizable colors and fonts
  • Conversion to Html for easy web publishing
  • Ability to compile untitled files
  • Execute without compiling
  • Color printing and print preview
  • Ability to create resource files on the fly
  • Support for PB templates
  • MRU (Most recent used files)
  • Optional reloading of previous file set at start
  • Tools menu
  • Lynx support
  • Support for Unicode comments (UTF-8 encoding)
  • Support for single or multiple backup files
  • Support for two different sets of my headers and two sets of PowerBASIC headers

What is new in this version

Version 1.03 fixes the following issues:

- Modified the code to remove tabs.
- Option 'Reload Previous File Set at Start' works again.
- Previews implement users default font settings.
- FASTPROC functions weren't being displayed in the codefinder.
- The toolbar Save button did not activate when pasting code.

I also have updated the code templates and added new ones.


To install the editor, just unzip CSED103_RELEASE.RAR in the folder of your choice. Preserve folder structure when unzipping.

José Roca

Codetips for the version 2.03 of my Windows API Headers for PBWIN 10.02 and PBCC 6.02.

Unzip it in the CSED_CODETIPS folder of the CSED editor.

José Roca

The External Tools toolbar button launches a program that allows to create and manage a database with the names and paths of external tools, including .chm and .pdf files.

  • To add a tool to the database fill the fields Name, Path and Parameters (optional) and click the Save button.
  • The Clear button clears the input fields.
  • To delete a tool select it in the listbox and click the Delete button.
  • To update a tool, change the path and/or parameters and click Save.
  • To execute a tool, select it in the listbox and click the Execute button or simply double click his name in the listbox.
  • Check the Display this item in the editor's menu if you want to make the tool or help file accessible from the Tools or Guides menu.
  • Exit the editor and restart it.

The .chm and .pdf files will be displayed in the Guides menu, and the .exe files in the Tools menu.

José Roca

Source code of the CSED editor. To compile it, version 10.02 of the PowerBASIC for Windows compiler and version 2.03 of my Windows API Headers are required.

Permission is granted to develop new versions of the editor as long as the source code is made freely available in this forum or elsewhere.

Enjoy coding these features that are indispensable to you and aren't available in the current version of the editor.

The code of the editor is also an excellent example of how to use the classes and wrappers provided in the Windows API Headers package.