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CSED - Print Preview Problem after Recompile with 10.04 ?

Started by Theo Gottwald, April 08, 2013, 08:05:36 AM

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Theo Gottwald

The original Executable (CSED.exe) will do the Print-Preview.
Now if i recompile it with 10.04 (new headers), the Print-Preview does not work (Win XP).

I have taken a look into:

SUB CSED_WB_PrintPreview (BYVAL hParent AS DWORD, BYVAL strText AS STRING)   

I have now added an "         AfxDoEvents(hwnd) "

      pHTMLDocument2 = pIWebBrowser2.Document
      IF ISOBJECT(pHTMLDocument2) THEN
         IHTMLDocument2_WriteString(pHTMLDocument2, strText)
         pHTMLDocument2 = NOTHING   

Now it works.

Does anybody have an idea why this change was necessary?
It must be something with PB, as the original compiled CSED Executable works without that change.

Carlo Pagani

I know this old lady in a dark room with incense and candles... Do you want the address? ;D

José Roca

I have compiled it with 10.04 and it works without changes in my computer (Windows 7, 64-bit).

Theo Gottwald

As said, after adding the
the PrintPreview works,

One more word, Jose. Looking at thiscode from CSED and at your Scintilla wrappers ... thats just an amazing work!
When i take a closer look, i can only say ITS ARTWORK. You are an ARTIST!
Compared to your Artwork, Picasso was just a Nerd (my personal opinion).

PS: If you try to compile things ... try to compile SED 115, and take a look why it does not startup. Possibly you can report a Bug in PB to Jim?