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My first test with PureBasic

Started by Israel Vega, October 18, 2013, 08:20:14 AM

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Israel Vega

This is my first test. I am learning PureBasic using the Visual Designer. This is working fine...but is better the Firefly from Paul Squires.

I am testig controls...(gadgets in PureBasic)
I like how make Menu's and ToolBar with Visual Designer from PureBasic...is very fast.

Theo Gottwald

Looks fine to me.

I have just added something to the PureBasic wishlist.
For 32 bit i will definitely stay with FireFly and PowerBasic.

Where x64 is needed, PureBasic is currently my choice.

Here is another Visual Designer:

PureForm 1.99

Edwin Knoppert

Theo Gottwald

Good ro know, Edwin. Your valuable resources should be available to the public.