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Any Good news regarding PB 64bit compiler?

Started by Chris Chancellor, August 24, 2019, 06:56:11 PM

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Johan Klassen

Quote from: Anthon Com on December 05, 2019, 12:37:50 AM
Look at Freebasic,  which is already dead and so is QuickBasic64  and those other old basic languages are either dead or dying.
please don't state your opinion as a matter of fact, FreeBasic is actively being developed

Christian Damhus

C / C++ is the way to go... The Drakes are a big disappointment imo. I wonder wether they put any effort in a new pb compiler. But even if, too many years have passed since the last version and I wonder the PB will be able to attrack new customers.

And for hobbyist: Delphi, CBuilder and Visual C, C# are free. There are enough options.

The enterprise I am working switched to Delphi. We never regretted it.

Lets face it: BASIC is dead.

Chris Chancellor

Hello there 2020  and nothing from PB on 64bit

QuoteThe Drakes are a big disappointment imo.

;D   this is an absolute truth  and that O2 is our only light at the tunnel end

Brian Alvarez

 After watching this thread, i thought i should try something. Please see this:


If you want to be able to compile PowerBASIC code and even mix it with some of the C++ code... please support. :)

Brian Alvarez

 Hello Patrice, The most advanced implementation is for OxygenBASIC, but it also supports C++.

It is not easy to work on both implementations though.

Brian Alvarez

 I would not get too excited about the c++ implementation. I only tested with MINGW and im
not sure if i will continue with it's implementation. It is very time consuming working in two

I'd rather be exited because the Oxygen implementation supports some c++ directly. Almost nothing
stops you from using the statements that oxygen supports already. Im not ture but i think Oxygen
also supports c++ dlls. Thats why i might drop directly c++ implementation, because it is already
present in Oxygen.

Yes, i contacted Adam Drake, he's a good guy but he is very busy. He kindly granted permission to
promote and sell PluriBASIC in the PowerBASIC forums.

Anthon Com

Hi Brian
This is truly a good news, very glad that we have a replacement of old PB in 64bit . The question is how much do we have
to pay for this Beta product of yours , what's the asking minimum pricing per year  etc?

José Roca

> Yes, i contacted Adam Drake, he's a good guy but he is very busy. He kindly granted permission to
promote and sell PluriBASIC in the PowerBASIC forums.

This seems to confirm that he has given up.

Brian Alvarez

Quote from: Patrice Terrier on January 18, 2020, 02:59:03 PMI would avoid to make twice the same error, using a compiler that is based on the work of a single man (Zale's syndrom).

Patrice, PluriBASIC is made in a way that it allows anybody to work on it. For example, I seem to recall there is a bug in one of the DDT statements for DIALOG END hWnd&, but in PluriBASIC, even if i died, you could just open up the library DIALOG_END.bin and edit the statement yourself. It is pretty straightforward and it even allows to enter code for 32bit or 64 bits in the same library.

I plan to open it a bit more, for the moment all the "official" libraries would need to go trough me, but in the future i may implement a way to share libraries. Of course nothing would stop anobody from sharing libraries via email or something at the moment.

Besides, DDT is a secondary priority ATM. I would like to make it for SDK mostly.

Brian Alvarez

 I understand.

However, i havent even hit my 40's so, i doubt you have to worry about me dying before you.  ;D

Nah, seriously, I work closely with a friend who also works on PluriBASIC with me, and old PB'er
that acts as a back up for me as i do for him.


José Roca

> As we say here: "Chat échaudé craint l'eau froide"

It is almost identical to the Spanish saying: "Gato escaldado, del agua fría huye".