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Smart Package Robot: Why it does not Click?

Started by Theo Gottwald, December 12, 2020, 12:35:56 PM

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Theo Gottwald

You have recorded the Installation, now you click on the Script-File and want to test it with the Editor.
But the Robot just does not click. It does not even seem to move the mouse there.

The solution is simple: You need to run the SPR-Editor "as Admin".

WHY is this the case?
In the new release 2 the SPR is optimized for Scripting.
You can nor drag and drop files from the Explorer into the SPR-Editor.
The code to start these files will be generated automatically.

So NOT using Admin Rights its easier to use the SPR-Editor for Scripting.

But then there is a disadvantage. If the Editor now starts the Robot, the Robot inherits the rights from the Editor.
And in Windows there is a general rule:
You can never send messages to People with higher rights.
As you can not send Messages to Bill Gates, the same rule applies to Windows Messages.
While you can send messages but they go nowhere.

So if you want to click in Setup-Programs to automate Installations, you need to run the SPR-Editor "as Admin".

The SPR-Autoupdate will for this create a second link in the SPR-Folder on the Desktop.
This new Link is called: "SPRE for Installations (As Admin).lnk".
So use this to start the SPRE for Installations and to click into Programs that need Admin Rights.

Simple Reminder: "You can't send Messages to Bill Gates". If you are not an Country-Admin.
So the Robot can not send anything to higher ranked Application Windows as well.
Different worlds, equal rules.