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SPR-Q4/2021 Update: Pattern-Search and Image Processing

Started by Theo Gottwald, December 27, 2021, 02:48:48 PM

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Theo Gottwald

The next SPR Update is now ready for download. It has the new Pattern-Recognition Feature, Inline-Data and Image Processing Features.
During the work with the Pattern recognition, several needs for Image Processing were found.
So i just implemted it also for the User:
Now the SPR can be used for advance Image Manipulation (resize, change number of colors ...) and Image Processing.
For example, "Remove Background" or "Remove Watermarks" ... and much more.
There are videos on Youtube that will describe some of the new features.

SPR-Update Q4 / Pattern-Search
SPR-Update Q4 / Pattern-Search

SPR-Update Q4 / Image-Processing
SPR-Update Q4 / Image-Processing