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Say GOODBYE to those who got 3 Vaxxinations

Started by Theo Gottwald, April 27, 2022, 09:46:14 AM

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José Roca

I don't care if someone does not vaccinate for whatever reason. What I can't stand is the spreading of misinformation. I'm worried about Theo, who has fallen prey to the conspiracists.

Being already 72 years old, I have some health problems, of course, such high blood pressure, but they are controlled taking a couple of pills and a diet with low intake of carbohydrates, salt and fats (the Spanish sun provides me enough vitamin D :) ). I'm still in good shape and, because I haven't wrinkles (a genetic trait inherited from my mother), everybody thinks that I am six years younger. Also, for some reason, I never have had a side effect, even mild, to any vaccine, in all my life.

After the long period of confinement that we have spent, I want to travel. I want to go to Tuscany, Rome and Paris... If Putin does not start WWIII, of course. Life can be beautiful at any age, but unfortunately not for everyone.

Theo Gottwald

@Jose, I wish you a happy birthday and long years of good health.
I have also had a lot of vaccinations in the past and due to the fact that i did some procedures after these (including sauna on the same day),
I never had immediate problems.
Later i realized however that even these "Normal vaccination" have long term side effects like Allergies.
"Normal" hereby means they really work, you get immune against the desease and you can not infect others.
"Normal" also means they are not a mRNA Fake-Vaccination which is not a vaccination but useless and dangerous.
After some time i realized that the Aluminiumhydroxide that is used in these vaccination (at least in those for normal people)
will easily lead to all sorts of Allergies. And therefore i had some for a while. To understand the principle of "Allergy" you need to know that
Animals who get injections with Al(OH) will immediately develope an allergy against the substance that is coming together with this.
Thats why they use it as "Vaccination Booster". So lets say you take the vaccination in summer and there are some active flowers at this time out there.
You may then get an allergy against these. Also I had some other side effects - long time later (maybe years?) with the muscle where they made the injection. So after that i decided not to take further vaccinations. As my immunsystem is very good and i work on improving it, I may get sick and will be completely immune after recovering. Since the last Pandemic no natural virus at all can make me afraid.
Details see table attached. Even the worst Virus -which is the Marburg Virus - will not break out if your Immune System is fine.
The problem of the Elites - and they never solved it - is that there are two types of Viruses:
a) The weak one, they will just kill weak people. Thats their evolutionary thing. Nature is not social.
b) The dangerous. They will kill soon and therefore can not spread widely.
Then they tried to develop viruses that do more effect some races like russian and will avoid US People.
Even the idea to do so is completely stupid and shows that there is no basic understanding what a virus basically is "in Nature".
We must not be afraid of this.

@Charles, try using "Galactose" and "Glycin" instead of normal sugar. Which is good idea for anybody.
Generally you can work on milder symptoms in diabetes at any time.
There are so many good videos on this topic on YouTube.
If you get more knowledge on these topics - like you did with programming - then you will be able to recover.
However accept that any new field of experience you go into needs time and needs steady attention.
Its always the same principle. Leave old false, ideas that have lead you to where you are now.
And constantly train and learn the new idea.
"Abhyasa vairagyabhyam tan nirodha" as the Indian may say.

Charles Pegge


I don't have a sweet tooth, so no added sugar but most carbohydrates breakdown into glucose monomers, so I try to minimize my carbs and go for a higher fat diet instead. I think this approach is gradually coming into mainstream nutritional medicine. Vit k2 levels should be ok.Fixing type2 diabetes is simply a matter of diet, but there isn't much on type1, which is now recognized as an autoimmune disease. The Wahls Protocol looks very promising for a wide range of autoimmune conditions.

Theo Gottwald

QuoteI must confess I have not had the jab. I believe my immune system is hyperactive and would not benefit from alien substances being injected deep into my flesh. In most countries the injection technique is also flawed. Without an aspiration check before injection, there is a small risk of delivering the vaccine directly into a blood vessel, and this can cause a small number of people, severe and long-lasting illness.

Thats the truth, Charles.
And guess since when the WHO recommendation says to NOT make the necessary Aspiration.
Exactly since this Pandemic. See ...

Aspiration before vaccination

Eduardo Jorge

minha mãe 80 anos tomou 4 doses da vacina, sim aqui no brasil estão na quarta dose
fora os problemas de saúde que já tinha antes da pandemia nada novo

o fato é que já existia outras vacinas que necessitavam doses de reforço , a própria varíola são 3 doses , sempre foi

se você acha que os governos estão querendo fazer alguma coisa com o povo,
então pare de comprar coisas industrializadas , e passe a comer  somente o que você plantar , e a beber só água de alguma fonte na sua casa que voce considere segura
com refrigerantes, alimentos industrializados , remédios e mais uma infinidade de coisas que os governos poderiam incluir essa química que tem na vacina da covid
ou voce nunca foi em um medico e tomou uma injeção para dor ou outro problema?

sobre problemas com vacinas, sempre tem alguem com alergias a alguma coisa. camarão, amendoim , trigo certos medicamentos ,
ou até pode haver falhas no controle de qualidade nos produtos
eu já passei muito mal com leite contaminado será que a empresa que pasteurizou esse leite estava tentando me matar?
será que os criadores dessas teorias conspiratórias nao levam em conta que podem simplesmente usar as coisas que consumimos diariamente em vez de inventar uma vacina para isso?

my mother 80 years old took 4 doses of the vaccine, yes here in Brazil they are on the fourth dose
apart from the health problems I already had before the pandemic, nothing new

the fact is that there were already other vaccines that needed booster doses, smallpox itself is 3 doses, it has always been

if you think governments are trying to do something with the people,
so stop buying industrialized things, and start eating only what you plant, and drinking only water from a source in your house that you consider safe
with soft drinks, industrialized foods, medicines and a multitude of other things that governments could include this chemical that is in the covid vaccine
or have you never been to a doctor and had an injection for pain or other problems?

about problems with vaccines, there is always someone with allergies to something. shrimp, peanuts, wheat, certain medicines,
or there may even be flaws in the quality control of the products
I've been very sick with contaminated milk, could the company that pasteurized this milk be trying to kill me?
Could it be that the creators of these conspiracy theories don't take into account that they can simply use the things we consume daily instead of inventing a vaccine for it?

Charles Pegge

But are we being enticed into a cyber trap? For instance, It is now almost impossible to do banking here without a smart phone.

It could be techno-heaven or techno-hell depending on which elite runs the show.

Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke (FULL MOVIE)
Sep 28, 2021

Eduardo Jorge

Quote from: Charles Pegge on June 07, 2022, 04:25:41 PM
But are we being enticed into a cyber trap? For instance, It is now almost impossible to do banking here without a smart phone.

It could be techno-heaven or techno-hell depending on which elite runs the show.

Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke (FULL MOVIE)
Sep 28, 2021
os tempos mudam, antes usávamos carroças, passamos a usar carros, antes usávamos cartas, passamos pelo telegrafo, telefone , agora temos internet, falamos com pessoas  do mundo todo sem a limitação da distancia , e nem mesmo temos mais a limitação do idioma

antes íamos a lojas escolher algum produto, hoje temos varias lojas em nossas telas para procurar o melhor preço e  ou produtos diferentes

os bancos passaram pela mesma mudança , se depositava numa conta do banco só tínhamos uma caderneta  de papel com o valor e a rubrica do caixa , só tínhamos o horário do banco para sacar algum dinheiro , filas em lojas para pagar as contas
passamos pela informatização,  podemos sacar dinheiro a qualquer hora num caixa eletrônico "se tivermos dinheiro a conta :( ", e agora podemos pagar contas sem sair de casa
por limitação financeira demorei a usar aplicativo de banco no celular
hoje temos o mundo em nossas mãos, bibliotecas, videotecas, amigos , família , a própria solidão se digitalizou
sim temos coisas boas e também as ruins , falamos com pessoas do outro lado do mundo , mas nao falamos mais com nossos vizinhos , temos partidas de vídeo game com pessoas de outras localidades, mas não mais com pessoas próximas
times change, before we used wagons, we started using cars, before we used letters, we went through the telegraph, telephone, now we have internet, we talk to people from all over the world without the limitation of distance, and we don't even have the limitation of language anymore

before we went to stores to choose a product, today we have several stores on our screens to look for the best price and or different products

the banks went through the same change, if you deposited in a bank account we only had a paper book with the amount and the cashier's heading, we only had the bank's hours to withdraw some money, queues in stores to pay the bills
we went through computerization, we can withdraw money at any time at an ATM "if we have money on account :( ", and now we can pay bills without leaving home
due to financial limitations, it took me a while to use the bank application on my cell phone
today we have the world in our hands, libraries, video libraries, friends, family, loneliness itself has been digitized
yes we have good and bad things, we talk to people on the other side of the world, but we don't talk to our neighbors anymore, we have video games with people from other locations, but not with people close anymore

Theo Gottwald

You sound like someone who likes to go this way. Just do it and be happy.
I do not tell anyone to take a medical therapy or not anybody has to decide himself.
Get all needed injections - which you call "vaccinations" even though its approved that they do not make you immune against anything. Just do it and see.

What i do not like is, if people want force other people to medical treatment.
And please use Google-Translator unless you want only Jose to be able to read your posts.
Você soa como alguém que gosta de seguir esse caminho. Apenas faça e seja feliz.
Eu não digo a ninguém para fazer uma terapia médica ou ninguém tem que decidir por si mesmo.
Obtenha todas as injeções necessárias - que você chama de "vacinações", embora seja aprovado que elas não o tornam imune a nada. Basta fazê-lo e ver.

O que eu não gosto é, se as pessoas querem forçar outras pessoas a tratamento médico.
E, por favor, use o Google-Translator, a menos que você queira que apenas José possa ler suas postagens.

José Roca

> And please use Google-Translator unless you want only Jose to be able to read your posts.

It is not Spanish, but portuguese, but yes, I understand it.

Theo Gottwald

Spanish and Portuguese people have a long year common history.
I remember it had also to do with ships :-).
Which does not help me to understand these languages.
I only speak german and english and the rest is up to www.DeepL.com.

Back to discussion:
Just sent a message to Semen Matusewski that we will stay friends, and that I am on Putins side anyway.
And that many people here think that Shipping Weapons to Ukraine "is just like throwing a gun in a dead persons grave".
Many people here think that, but it will not show up in Mass-media.

PS: USA has increased Oil Imports from Russia again.

José Roca

> PS: USA has increased Oil Imports from Russia again.

Watching TeleSur again? The Russian oil imports were made in March, before the US Congress approved the ban to import Russian oil and gas in April.

The problem with posting fake news and conspiracy theories in a programming forum, instead of conspiracy site, is that here there are some clever guys.

P.S. Give my regards to Semen.

Theo Gottwald

Yes i have heared that. My Information was from (Picture).
If you read the text you can see that from Informations directly from the US Energy-Office the USA takes twice as much Oil from Russia since march,
not matter what they say officially. In fact Russia is not the Oil-Source ranking on place 6 (was place 9 before march).

Yet there seem to be still some delievery around some corners.

José Roca

José Roca

> If you read the text you can see that from Informations directly from the US Energy-Office the USA takes twice as much Oil from Russia since march, not matter what they say officially. In fact Russia is not the Oil-Source ranking on place 6 (was place 9 before march)

"Since" March. Here is the misinformation. It is not "since" but "in" March. How many Russian oil has imported the US since the ban was in effect?

HOUSTON, April 20 (Reuters) - Nine tankers carrying Russian-origin crude and fuel oil have discharged in the United States in April, likely the last ones to deliver before a wind-down set by Washington expires this week, customs and tanker tracking data showed.

The United States last month set an April 22 ban on imports of Russian crude and refined products. The United States gave importers of Russian petroleum, liquefied natural gas and coal 45 days to take en route and under-contract cargoes.

You have a brain, don't you? How can you fall into such simplistic traps?

Theo Gottwald

It will not work out. This winter people in EU will see the consequences.