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Say GOODBYE to those who got 3 Vaxxinations

Started by Theo Gottwald, April 27, 2022, 09:46:14 AM

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José Roca

Theo Gottwald

I hope you will be fine some more years.

Theo Gottwald

In Germany you are now asked to get your sixth vaccination.
Besides that we have now numbers.
Whole german army is to nearly 100% vaccinated. Mostly strong young men.

RESULT: They are much more often sick and have stronger health problems.
A friend of mine who has a XIAOMI Notes 5 Phone has teold me that he changed the settings on his Phone to
"Show Bluetooth devices without a name."
And now he gets for every vaccinated person nearby an MAC-Address displayed.
If you have that phone, try it.

José Roca

> And now he gets for every vaccinated person nearby an MAC-Address displayed.

C'mon! You should know that the MAC address is the identifier of the nearby electronic device, not the vaccinated person.

Theo Gottwald

Whats your MAC-Address?
With 4 vaccination, maybe you have many :-)
Modern Technology is amazing.
It will take time until people can handle it ethically.

Charles Pegge

Post-Mortem evidence of Vaccine damage / Myocarditis

Dr John Campbell / German Photographs

From comments section:
Hi John, a very important and quite daring presentation, many thanks! I am a GP in active duty in the UK.  For a long time now I have been watching out carefully for signs of myocarditis and other important complications of mRNA vaccines in my patients, and I can tell you from my own experience and direct observation that hardly anyone with very likely vaccine related myocarditis and other complications is diagnosed as such by the medical profession.  As a result of watching your video I will watch out even more carefully for signs of mild myocarditis.
Keep up the good work, John.
QuoteProf. Burkhard showed similar pictures at his speech in Lahnstein a month ago. He found a way to color specifically the spike protein and with his method he looked at samples of people who were healthy but died suddenly after the jab. The spike protein was found in the liver, the heart, and other organs and thrombs blocked blood vessels. He said: in 40 years as pathologist i haven't seen similar things.

Original Paper:
Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination

Cases of myocarditis, diagnosed clinically by laboratory tests and imaging have been described in the context of mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination. Autopsy-based description of detailed histological features of vaccine-induced myocarditis is lacking. We describe the autopsy findings and common characteristics of myocarditis in untreated persons who received anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination. Standardized autopsies were performed on 25 persons who had died unexpectedly and within 20 days after anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination. In four patients who received a mRNA vaccination, we identified acute (epi-)myocarditis without detection of another significant disease or health constellation that may have caused an unexpected death. Histology showed patchy interstitial myocardial T-lymphocytic infiltration, predominantly of the CD4 positive subset, associated with mild myocyte damage. Overall, autopsy findings indicated death due to acute arrhythmogenic cardiac failure. Thus, myocarditis can be a potentially lethal complication following mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination. Our findings may aid in adequately diagnosing unclear cases after vaccination and in establishing a timely diagnosis in vivo, thus, providing the framework for adequate monitoring and early treatment of severe clinical cases.

José Roca

He has spread so much misinformation that I can't give him any credence. Just talks for the convert.


Charles Pegge

Wikipedia is well known for its biases. I always read Wikipedia first, then evaluate any polemic it throws up, and why it has been inserted into  the article. I think the big controversy was Ivermectin, a widely used treatment for killing parasitic worms. It turns out that a low dose is effective in preventing COVID infection but no good for curing COVID once you have it severely.

John Campbell  is meticulous in basing his views on the scientific literature of the time, and always gives references, so you can cross-check and form your own opinion.


Ivermectin clarification
Dr. John Campbell

Charles Pegge

Risks and benefits with Professor Fenton
Professor of Risk Information Management


bayesian statists
relative-risk vs absolute-risk, and number-to-treat
dishonest reporting of vaccine effectiveness

12 MILLION PEOPLE! - Vaxxed Americans Report Major Side Effects, and Question Efficacy
asmussen Reports

Charles Pegge

UK Parliament debate


mrna vaccines


Wow, there should be a resounding roar of applause and a standing ovation for Andrew's speech. All we heard was deafening silence from an almost empty room. Let's hope that this is the beginning of the end of this sorry episode in world history. Thank you John for bringing this to the public's attention, and I do feel your despair.
As someone here so aptly commented: "The house was empty but the walls have ears." Oh yea!
This will no longer go unnoticed, the truth is out and the light will spread everywhere. Shame on big pharma and all the leaders and powerful people who only have their own interests at heart...
Thanks Dr John and Mr Bridgen, and those few MPs who attended the House, for your bravery, it's because of people like you that the world becomes a better place.
Thank you a thousand times for showing us this video. I feel like shouting out, and crying. All this has been clear to me from the very start. And - John please don't take this personally, as a dedicated medical professional - I have had little, or no faith, in doctors and conventional medical practice for many years. I have been aware of what Mr Bridgen calls the PR machine of pharma companies, and the bias they generate through their funding, as he says, of medical faculties etc. My (91 year old Holocaust-survivor unjabbed mother... despite all the pressure from the manager of her retirement home) has a friend whose 15 year old great-granddaughter went into a coma within a month of getting the second jab, and died a few months later. I lost a 25 year old friend after the second jab. A 40 year old friend had her period stopped after the second jab. And why have defibrillators suddenly been installed at schools and, even, playgrounds around Israel? As far as I am concerned, and I certainly don't invoke this lightly, this is nothing short of a global Holocaust. As a journalist - mostly of culture and the arts, as well as Holocaust-related issues, I am appalled but, sadly, not surprised by the continuing silence of the main media on this. They are used to scaremongering us with giant headlines about some secondary matter or other but, as Mr. Bridgen says, there have been half a million Yellow Card alerts in the UK. Why has no major newspaper or news outlet picked up on that?
I wish Mr. Bridgen well, and hope he survives this important work intact. May we all be happy and healthy... especially you John.

Charles Pegge

Reanalysis of mRNA trial data
Dr. John Campbell


harm/benefit analysis needed
but analysts cant get the data

Charles Pegge

Excess deaths in young adults, 2022 data
Dr. John Campbell
Jan 21, 2023
European excess deaths, official data
Dr. John Campbell

other than covid infections

Theo Gottwald

Thanks Charles, now we are in the situation that those who knew it already, will accept the information.
And those who believe in wonders (a vaccine that is not a vaccine because it does not immunize noone)
still believe in their ideas.
Anyway anybody shall live his live and see the consequences.

Germany has actually (in January) bought 8 to 12 "vaccinations" for each german.
While they know that many people lost any trust in this pseudo-medicine.

How will they get these Injections into the people?
Or do they just take their "provisions for selling" and trash the whole Order?

José Roca