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Started by James C. Fuller, October 04, 2022, 02:53:29 PM

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James C. Fuller

   Did you forget to update the version on your last upload.
According to oxylog.txt you had changes on 03/10/2022 and 02/10/2022
   but this is what I get for print "o2 version  : " version() cr

  o2 version  : 0.5.0 2022-10-01T05:03:55


Charles Pegge

It's okay James, my last updates were mostly lib source file fixes. But the o2 time stamper is not automated yet, so it is not always accurate!

Roland Stowasser

Hi Charles,

you improved the printl function in console.inc by changing the order of cr. This requires some changes in some demo programs. I have corrected the corresponding programs from version 050P10 in the !ProjB\Console folder and attached them as a zip file. The zip file contains only the modified programs.

In NonBlockingCons.o2bas the statement:
had to be replaced with:
    % MAXRECORD = 8

I don't know if other programs are affected because of the new behaviour of printl. But I have only started to check the new O2 compilation.


Charles Pegge

Hi Roland,

Thank you for the corrections, and Welcome aboard!

Only static array dimensioning, and equates containing consts are affected.

In the current version, constants are defined at run-time with a once-only assignment. This allows variables of any type to be defined as constant. But the fixed values are no longer determined at compile-time.

I did not find any other affected programs, apart from Ed's interpreter, which we fixed previously.


I've returned it to the original compile-time constants. There were too many issues with the new definition. So no more trouble dimensioning static arrays.


Chris Chancellor

Welcome Roland,   thanxx a lot for joining the O2 forum here.
How are you ?

Roland Stowasser

Hi Chris,

in recent years, for family reasons, I have unfortunately not been able to deal with the topics that actually interest me. And I have found that I have to relearn many things about Oxygenbasic, which will take some time.