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Co2.txt compilation result

Started by Pierre Bellisle, October 09, 2022, 07:40:43 AM

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Pierre Bellisle

Hi Charles,
I finally had a little time to work on my UltraEdit precompiler.
I'm not sure if you wanted it that way, I notice that co2.txt contain [CrCrLf] instead of [CrLf].
No big deal, but might give some trouble on some file algo that will read it.

Thank's again for this superb toy.

Charles Pegge

Hi Pierre,

I checked for unwanted chr(13)s, but could not find any.

This is an invisible char display tool:

'11:09 09/10/2022
uses console
int a,i,le
string fi,s
print "View invisible Chars" cr
print "enter filename: "
s=getfile fi
byte bb at strptr s
le=len s
while i<le
  select a
  case 0 to 32
    print "<" str(a) ">"
  end select
  print chr(a)
  if a=13
    print chr(10)


source<32> length:<32> 21<13>
assembler<32> script<32> length:<32> 0<13>
machine<32> script<32> length:<32> 2<13>
record<32> size:<32> 36<13>
static<32> record<32> count:<32> 446<13>
static<32> records<32> length:<32> 16056<13>
static<32> record<32> string<32> space:<32> 12332<13>
static<32> var<32> space:<32> 8192<13>
procedures:<32> 0<13>
source<32> buffer<32> insert<32> patches:<32> 2<13>
source<32> buffer<32> insert<32> renew:<32> 1<13>
max<32> link<32> labels:<32> 0<13>
binary<32> image<32> size:<32> 0<13>

Roland Stowasser

I checked some co2.txt files with a hex editor, but I could only find 0D0A values which correspond to Windows CRLF code.
BTW co2.txt is a cool innovation for O2. The file is particularly valuable for tracking source code issues.

Pierre Bellisle

Hi Charles and Roland,

You are right, seems the problem I had come from elsewhere.
While doing test, Id did show co2.txt in a message box.
Since it contain TAB I looked how it was structured, ans I saw those [Cr][CrLf]

With the next MsgBox,
MessageBox(%HWND_DESKTOP, "Line1" & $Crlf & "Line2" & $Crlf & "Line3", "CrCrLf test", %MB_OK OR %MB_TOPMOST)
If I do a Control-C on it to copy the data then I look at what I got
I see [Cr][CrLf] between line 1 and line 2 and between line 2 and line 3.
So this is MessageBox() that add those extre [CR].
I guess there is a good reason for Microsoft doing it like that.

Good thing is o2 is fine.


(I included my little text checker if anybody have a little interest, It was made long ago with PowerB)