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About editors...

Started by Pierre Bellisle, October 28, 2022, 05:31:41 AM

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Pierre Bellisle

I'm an unconditionnal fan of UltraEdit, I still use my old 14.20 version.
I was wondering what editor you guys are using.
There is Zlatko's Aurel-Edit and Charles's Oxide.
Is anybody use NotePad++ or anything else?

Roland Stowasser

I use PSPad (32b), version 5.0.0(277). There is a newer version, but I have not found time to upgrade to this version yet. PSPad is a freeware editor for MS Windows, and it is quite powerful. It can be used with several programming languages. I added an own OxygenBasic.INI file for syntax hilighting. It is possible to add tools to the Menu, e.g. I added macros for starting the programs with several versions of co2.exe (in different paths). There are a lot more aids available with this editor. I guess the features of Notepad+++ are similar?

Sometimes I try to use Oxide.exe, but so far I can't properly use all of its capabilities.

Pierre Bellisle

I downloaded it to have a look. It is indeed a nice code editor...
Thank you Roland.


Hi Roland,
i downloaded the latest version of PSPad. It really looks like a great editor.
Maybe you can pass your .INI in there ;-)

Anyway I have to try it. Thanks for the tip.


Roland Stowasser

Hi Nicola,

attached is my OxygenBasic.INI file which must be stored in the Syntax folder of PSPad. It is not quite up to date but it can be edited. I use keywords for O2 and for asm. The settings can be done using PSPad's Menu: Settings/Highlighter Settings... There is a tab for colors, specification of Help File, external applications (in my case co2.exe for jit compiling). There is also a tab for calling co2.exe as a compiler to create binaries - I do not use this option although I think it would be possible with the latest versions of OxygenBasic.   

Pierre Bellisle

Since I already have it in my UltraEdit config,
I added a little more than 5000 API and TYPE in the [KeyWords3] section, like BringWindowToTop, ChildWindowFromPoint, ExtractIcon, ACCESS_INFO_1, POINT, RECT, etc...
Around 1,300 Windows message in the [ReservedWords] section, like WM_CREATE, BM_CLICK, EM_GETRECT, LB_SELECTSTRING, etc...

With a nice color setting, this is good. If the word is is not the right color, you know you made a typo...


thank you.
It's a really good job.  :)

Zlatko Vid

PsPad..is that  free? hmm
for my taste is bloated
also i can add in easy way api keywords to

Pierre Bellisle

Hi Zlatko,

Like Roland said, PSPad is a freeware editor, their logo say's it also and the description on their main page start with "PSPad is a freeware".

Sorry that, from your perspective, you find it bloated.
Even if I will remain loyal to UltraEdit, from my perspective, PSPad is full of features and options.

About adding keywords. Yes, adding more functions, messages, and notifications is in fact pretty easy,
I guess lots of guys among us can add many more thousands.
This limited plus or minus 5,000 list is made of the more commonly used, to avoid ending with a too big database that might affect the the editor performance.
When I use an interesting API that is not in the list, I simply add it, one at the time.
This way I keep the database unbloated.


Zlatko Vid

there is no need to sorry
i find every code editor bloated which is for many languages
we here need code editor for o2 not for html,etc ..etc
so i prefer editor for one programming language not for 100