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REM ' // comment

Started by Pierre Bellisle, December 28, 2022, 02:39:20 AM

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Pierre Bellisle

Hi Charles,

About REM, ', and //. Looking at the help they all should be the same.

I often do something like "case WM_SIZE + 999" to quickly stop a window message temporary while testing.

In the following code, only "//"  work, "REM" and "'" give "Linker found unidentified names" error.

No problem if there is no "+ 0".

No big deal, still, I prefer to make mention of it, in case it hide something else more important...

       case WM_SIZE + 0 'a, b
       case WM_SIZE + 0 REM a, b
       case WM_SIZE + 0 // a, b

Charles Pegge

Thanks Pierre,

I'll remove any references to REM but it will still work at the beginning of a statement.

In general, put a colon after the case evaluator statement:

int a=6
select a
  case WM_SIZE+1 : ' a, b
    print 5
  case WM_SIZE+2 : REM a, b
    print 6
  case WM_SIZE+3 : // a, b
    print 7
end select

Pierre Bellisle