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Cold Fusion is Back but ...

Started by Charles Pegge, January 07, 2023, 03:20:35 PM

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Charles Pegge

Cold Fusion is Back (there's just one problem)

Sabine Hossenfelder


I admire Sabine's commitment to speaking the truth and letting the chips fall where they may.  The first time I heard of her was her article in Symmetry Magazine attacking the sacred cow of "beauty" in physics.  As a practicing physicist in the US, I can tell you that was an important message that physicists needed to hear.  This video may have an even more important message since it address the conformity rampant in all fields of science.   I am certainly guilty of thinking cold fusion is a hoax, but I am now willing to reconsider.  Thanks Sabine!

led one of the teams that Sabine cites in this video (at the 10.34 mark). We spent almost five years looking into LENR. In the video, Sabine states that we could not replicate the prior results. That's true, but there's more to it. We observed the claimed heat effect, both in magnitude and duration, in our parallel control cells. This indicates a calibration error in the apparatus. One little known fact about these electro-chemical cell experiments is that they are run for a week or more before the effect is observed.  Typically, calibration is conducted over a few hours and is done both before an experimental run and intermittently during it, to re-check thermal stability.

We submit that this approach to calibration is inadequate for establishing a calorimeter's propensity for heat artifacts. Stability over time periods longer than the experiment should be demonstrated in order to minimize the possibility of misinterpreting the fluctuations that we observed as "excess heat" events.

Consequently, we contend that all claims of anomalous heat in LENR experiments using electro-chemical cells that do not exhibit thermal stability on a time period longer than the time duration of the experiment itself must be thrown out. As the majority of research over the past 30 years has not demonstrated this kind of calibration stability, that eliminates most of the effort in this field. You can read more about our work on the ReResearch LLC website.

That is not to say that we know everything about hot fusion in the solid state or how quantum mechanical interactions might impact fusion reactivity. There is much still to be discovered. But these electro-chemical LENR heat experiments are noise, not signal.

Zlatko Vid

That is cool

Charles ...do you know that some scinctist work on new energy panels
which can catch neutrino particles into some specific sandwich of materials

and A4 format (size) can get 3W of electricity from that ???


Zlatko Vid

thanks Charles on link

i am always interested for such electronic things