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Immunology of mRNA vaccines

Started by Charles Pegge, January 17, 2023, 02:39:05 PM

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Charles Pegge

Dr. John Campbell With Immunologist Professor Robert Clancy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zklo4Z1SqkEmmunology of mRNA vaccines
Jan 14, 2023

Professor Robert Clancy explains everything so simply for everyone to understand, very much like yourself Dr Campbell. Thank you so much for having him on your program again. I wish we were able to have his brilliant insight and advise in the early stages of the pandemic in Australia. How different it would've been.

I am a practicing primary care physician in the USA and agree 100% with the ideas presented here. In early 2020 I reviewed the literature and found little research about mRNA vaccines. I was dismayed to find out these vaccines were going to be widely distributed. I agree that the long term consequences are yet to be determined.

I am so glad Dr. Campbell did this video.  I have been screaming this since the "mRNA" jab came out!  I lost my husband due to this thing.  I watched his brain change as he was not himself at all.  He had cancer, but it was well controlled and this thing then "restarted" the cancer and it went so fast he died within 4 weeks of this thing they gave him.  He did not want the jab from the beginning, but he was in the hospital and in the rehab part of his stay and heavily medicated and I was at home for a bit and they told a drugged up man that he had to have it, and they did not call me to ask when he clearly could not think for himself.  He changed so fast.  He could not remember what he had just had to eat.  I am so upset over this.  He had Covid and he got through it as did I in just a few days.  When people would ask him if he wanted the jab, he would say no and would tell them he had Covid and had immunity.  I just want to scream all this from the rooftops.  There is so much more to our story, but the sad part is that this thing killed my husband.  I know it did.  I do understand mRNA and how cells work etc.  I was in the medical field and when they announced an mRNA jab I immediately said NO!

Theo Gottwald

Thanks for sharing, Charles.
The whole idea behind mRNA is this (see pictures):

Charles Pegge

mRNA therapies show great promise for the individualized treatment of cancer, but it is not appropriate as an untrialed vaccine.

Some more evidence of nefarious tagging experiments: possible micro-RFIDs emitting  MAC addresses:

Bluetooth Signals in Fresh Graveyards Emitting Unknown MAC Addresses?
BlueTruth Documentary 1Hr 24min 24sec, Extensive English 🇬🇧 Super Update!
An Introduction To The Internet of Bodies

Charles Pegge

UK Doctors Call For Government Investigation of mRNA COVID Vaccines
Christopher Norris
Jan 13, 2023

British regulators limit covid vaccines
Dr. John Campbell
Jan 25, 2023

regulators / money from industry

Theo Gottwald

@Charles, I can tell you more about this.

Bluetooth Signals in Fresh Graveyards Emitting Unknown MAC Addresses?

A friend of mine owns an older (Samsung?) "Notes1 Phone". With this phone you can set the Bluetooth settings to
"Show stations without name". He is a technician hired from large Car Companies, so he is not an technical nobody.

He told me that "85% of all vaccinated people my handphone can detect from them an MAC Adress".
He has tested it in many way. Now he actually even know who is in front of his door, because he made a list with the
MAC-Adresses from his bussines people around.

He told me that 85% of the people are now "branded" by these Companies.
I wonder most people just ignore it.
I did not test it myself.

Rod Macia

You can enable "Show Bluetooth devices without names" on many Samsung phones by enabling Developer mode.

The random Bluetooth mac addresses are more than likely other Bluetooth devices (computers, mice, keyboards, Watches, earbubs, smart home devices, tv's, sound systems, home appliances, old phones, cars, dog collars tracers, etc.)

In order to protect us from being tracked via Bluetooth broadcast of our devices Bluetooth LE Privacy was created.

When Bluetooth LE Privacy is in use, advertising packets contain randomly generated MAC addresses disguising your device's identity, the real MAC address remains hidden away.

But what use is this if the outside world sees your device as having a different address?

The answer lies in the Bluetooth pairing process—Bluetooth® users are familiar with this process. Pairing indicates you trust the other device and want to interact with it. For example, if you pair your activity tracker with your phone, from that point on, the phone will have a special, trusted relationship with the tracker. What happens is much more involved but after pairing, the two devices will possess various encryption keys, one of which is concerned with privacy. This key is called the Identity Resolution Key (IRK). IRK allows the first device to translate those special, random MAC addresses which appear in the advertising packets from the second device, to the real MAC address in the second device. This capability is only in devices you have explicitly trusted.

Most electronic devices with Bluetooth support are Class 2 or Class 3 Bluetooth devices. Consumer products such as Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and peripherals like wireless earbuds and Bluetooth headsets fall into this category.

Class 2 Bluetooth 4.0 radios officially support data transfer up to 33 feet (10 meters). Meanwhile, Class 3 devices typically have a range of less than 3 feet (1 meter). It's not uncommon for Class 2 devices to reach 100 feet, but they don't officially support that range.

The only real way to test for mRNA vaccine Bluetooth transmission is inside a Faraday cage, with some vaccinated people in it. I have not seen any credible evidence, in a controlled environment of such mac addresses.

Theo Gottwald

QuoteThe random Bluetooth mac addresses are more than likely other Bluetooth devices (computers, mice, keyboards, Watches, earbubs, smart home devices, tv's, sound systems, home appliances, old phones, cars, dog collars tracers, etc.)

He checked that of course. He says that these adreses are there even on an open field without any nearby devices, please test it yourself.
I did not have the chance to test it. But i know he is a technician, he is not stupid.

Also its like that. If you see that adress on your phone before a person enters your office - and its always the same adress - and you ask the person "do you have your handphone with you?"
and the person does not have it. And it always happens with many people, then you should really think about it. I guess this is what happened to him.
He told me that he now ask these people "Can i now order over you?" :-)

Rod Macia

You are asking the wrong questions, and so is your friend.

Bluetooth devices of Class 2 range up to 100 meter, Bluetooth devices of Class 1 range up to 1 Kilometer.

If you just perform the tests using your phone and in an open space, regardless of open field, cemetery etc., your are more than likely picking up stray signals. Given that Bluetooth 4.0 and up (virtually all devices in the past 13 years) transmit random mac addresses of variable duration (chosen by manufacturer) that explains the unidentified mac addresses.

Now an other important point is that Bluetooth is an active RF signal, as opposed to RF Id's, which means it needs a power source.

Like I said the only way to test the premises that Vaccinated people transmit a BLUETOOTH Signal (not an RF signal, since this is what is been Claimed here using a phone to detect nearby Bluetooth mac addresses) Is to use a Faraday Cage. Anything else is just anecdotal and wishful thinking.

The test is so simple and relatively easy to do, it would have been allover the news (fake news or not) if it had merit.

Theo Gottwald

Ok, at next chance i will ask him to try that in an Faraday cage.

Charles Pegge

UK Parliament

Dr. John Campbell / Andrew Bridgen MP

Compelling evidence of vaccine harms, but why is the House empty?

Mar 17, 2023

QuoteMr Bridgen is what an MP should be . Honourable and courageous. Shame on the rest of them.

QuoteWhile his voice is single he has been heard, but more importantly.. listened to. Thousands and hopefully millions of people in the near future, will hopefully find this upload on your channel, Dr. John. Thank you for sharing this and for your continuous work in getting the truth out into the public domain.

QuoteMr Bridgen is an absolute hero. A pleasure to listen to him and support him. I'd vote for him if I could. And I applaud an excellent speech. The costs outlined are devastating. Love the comment "if the vaccines were free we still could not afford them".

José Roca

Charles Pegge

Yes, I remember. I think he was suspended for 4 days in the end. The  engendered outrage seemed rather contrived. The press often does this to whip up a newsworthy scandal, and politicians are compelled to react.

The precise  quote:

Bridgen wrote: "As one consultant cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust."

It may be hyperbolic but in what way is it antisemitic as the article alleges?

José Roca

I don't see that nobody in the article calls him antisemite. What I see is that they find disgusting the comparison between the Holocaust and the vaccination campaign.

Charles Pegge

Yes, agreed. But this quote implied that it was some to do with it

Andrew Percy, a Conservative MP who is vice-chair of the all-party group against antisemitism, called the comment "disgusting".

and this is cited in Wikipedia:
Bridgen issued a statement two days later saying his tweet was not anti-semitic and apologising to anyone genuinely offended. He was taking legal advice about action against those who labelled him anti-semitic. He contended that he had made reasonable questions about the side-effects of mRNA vaccines, and said he had "received huge support from ordinary people, medical workers [and] those who have experienced vaccine harms themselves".[78]

José Roca

> But this quote implied that it was some to do with it

Then, from this quote, "this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust", I could imply that he is calling nazis to the "pro-vaxxers", isn't it?