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Immunology of mRNA vaccines

Started by Charles Pegge, January 17, 2023, 02:39:05 PM

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Charles Pegge

There are currently about 6million excess deaths/year  in the global population which could be attributed to all the disruptive measures mandated against the pandemic.  We could go on, but returning to the main topic of this thread:

This is a deep dive into immunology, by one of the world's leading immunologists. It is dense, complex information but well worth listening to. (I'm taking it in 10minute chunks :) )

Professor Clancy, long covid and immunity
Dr. John Campbell
Mar 16, 2023

QuoteThe world is in such a sad state, but it is so comforting for me to hear these two gentlemen speak of the human body, the amazing human body. I'm so glad I was an exercise physiologist now I'm retired, but it's devastating what has been done to humans on earth over this Covid and vaccine program. 
🙏 Thank you for the great episode!