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Need a Download Section

Started by Donald Darden, May 21, 2007, 08:00:22 PM

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Donald Darden

There is nothing that programmer's love more than to check out the download
section on any programming boards, and to be able to upload their own code as
well.  I'm surprised that we don't presently find a download section here.

The problem with provided code is that it may be subject to several risk factors,
which included code that is copyrighted and not legally postable, code that is
incorrect or flawed, code that is potentially damaging because it has been
modified or contaminated, and code that does not represent good programming
techniques or practices.

I think that if this site were to include a download section, that contributors and
users should be required to agree to specific terms of use.  Any code posted
should be subject to peer review, and the resulting thread may help us find ways
to use, optimise, and refine any posted examples further.  Perhaps we could even vote on the usefullness and suitability of the code.

Theo Gottwald

You know that people can attach attachements to any post already now.

I have just looked. We have allready a section from jose for downloads.
But its full with Stuff from Jose, which is in some order.

It would not be good to intermix it with post from everyone.

You want some sort of Source-Code Forum especially for Downloads,
where people can place complete Projects, and example projects?

I have added a Download section to your board.
And I'll contribute the first post :-).

José Roca

There is a section called General Downloads that currently has two boards: Tools and Custom Controls and Wrappers and Headers.

There is also a Source Code board in both the COM and Windows API sections. In fact, users can upload code as attachments in any board.

AFAIK this forum software doesn't allow to restrict to post attachments in a per board basis. Either you allow members to post attachments or not.

Maybe we can add a new board in the General Downloads section called Unedited Contributions where users can post code that will be later moved to a more appropriate board once reviewed. Just an idea.

Regarding voting, the only way that seems suitable is to add a poll to the post.

Eros Olmi

If I can suggest something: http://www.tinyportal.net/index.php
It adds a lot of nice features plus a customizable download area organized by sections.
You can download only if registered.

Another nice SMF mods are the following:

thinBasic Script Interpreter - www.thinbasic.com | www.thinbasic.com/community
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Donald Darden

I like the idea of people able to post code without worrying where it should be
placed, categorized, or whatever.  Give other users a chance to test drive it and comment on it.  If it has merit, then it could be reposted to the place where it seems to belong, or it may justify a category of its own.

One of the frustrations I have with the PowerBasic forums is that source code is
intermixed with general discussions and comments.  Some people repost modified
code to the original posting by editing that post, and some people just repost any code changes to a new post.  That gets pretty confusing, and the limited search tools available make it a slow and tedious process to find things.  I've even see people post single line changes to a previous post, or to fail to include a resource file or include file.  There is usually additional dependencies, such as
paths, that hinder code from running until examined and modified.

The emphases should be that the code is generic enough to run without any
special requirements, that it include all dependencies (or those dependencies
be clearly identified and sourced with links), and that readers vote it at least
a three on a scale of five.  You can suggest some criteria for evaluating the
code, such as suitability to task, creativity involved, originality, coding style,
and extent of documentation.

I feel that any code or links posted should involve free-for-reuse software, and
preferably include source code where possible.  If multiple files are involved, they should be included in an archive file, of a type that people can open with one of the available archive tools.

Theo Gottwald

Ok, lets do it.
I have added the board as Jose suggests.
Whoever want to contribute a project or source code can now do it without thinking WHERE to place it.
The things will be reviewed and moved to the appropriate place.

Any more ideas or wishes on the list?