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FreeBasic vs. PowerBasic vs. Whatever

Started by Donald Darden, June 20, 2007, 08:04:20 AM

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Charles Pegge

THIScall I understand, is an invention of Microsoft, where the pointer to THIS object is passed in ecx. The normal protocol is to push it onto the stack after all the other parameters.

THIS points to an object's data, the first entry of which is itself a pointer to its virtual table of functions. A sort of double pointering scheme.
It's standard C++ stuff, also used in COM. In the source code, THIS is always implicit and is never seen on the parameter list in member function calls.

Donald Darden

The saga of figuring out how to make FreeBasic and PowerBasic create and work with each other's DLLs continues.  A message from the PowerBasic Archives pertains:

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