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PureBasic 6.0 with C-Backend

Started by Theo Gottwald, September 06, 2022, 07:34:22 AM

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Theo Gottwald

It has been long time built into the PureBasic Concept - because this is the reason that Purebasic is available for so many systems.
Now since the new Version 6.0. its opened to the Public: The PureBasic C-Backend.
This means that instead of producing "ASM-Code" that would then be finalized using FASM,
PureBasic can now produce "Standard C-Code".
So if you have any unsupported Platform that can compile Standard C you can then theoretically use Purebasic.
Possibly "Inline C-Code" may also be an option in the future.

I don't like C and don't need it, but to have such a Backend may be interesting for some people.

QuoteThe goal is not to generate C code for all compilers, but to add new platforms (ie: ARM CPU) using their C compiler (the most common one), which is easier than using ASM.

Allow to use more easily third party libraries without having to transform them before.

For programmers with some experience in C but not at all in ASM (me),
it is also easier to add portions of code in C to access certain features that do not exist in basic.
For example: printf()
For the standard user, this does not change anything to the way of coding in PB.

Purebasic 6 Update

Eduardo Jorge

most people looking for basic compilers is because they don't like the C syntax.
the big question of why C is very active nowadays and Basic just holding on is due to the lack of standard language of several developers.
If there was a single standard for everyone, where you could migrate source codes between them, due to the ease that Basic language has to be learned, Basic language would be much bigger than C language.
the fact is that each developer wants to define their own expectations and ideas, sometimes even impose them, like with Goto, they don't like goto, they don't want to use goto, so they remove goto from the list of functions for anyone else to use.
then a little program that a person had made that uses goto has to be completely redone because the compidalor developer doesn't like the goto function.
step if you are hostage, just like those who used power basic, they will hardly be able to migrate their projects to other basic compilers easily.
purebasic sounds interesting, but 79 euros for an unemployed Brazilian who takes care of his mother and only programs small things as a hobby is prohibitive, and the free version for me doesn't work, the number of 800 lines may even work but not being able to mount dll's for It no longer works for me, because I use it more to complement the vba of excel.

Theo Gottwald

From what they write in the Forum, the developers did it for easier integration of C-Modules from elesewhere.

Zlatko Vid