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Where i can found Gary Beene scintilla_gb.inc

Started by Zlatko Vid, October 08, 2022, 08:24:34 PM

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Zlatko Vid

If anyone have or can post link to
Gary Beene includes for his snippets

Chris Chancellor

Zlatko Vid

Zlatko Vid

Now i have problem with


anyone know where to find it?

Zlatko Vid

sorry if i bothering
i copy whole set of includes into semples folder and i finally can
compile Gary Scintilla examples
why i must do that now .i am not sure ..but now work

Chris Chancellor

Hi Zlatko, you must use Jose Roca includes for those PB programs by Gary
but you can't use PB includes as they are very different

Jose Roca includes are downloable from this forum, I'm not sure where.  I must find out

Zlatko Vid

I have headers/ includes but compiler somehow cannot found it ..but ok
i copy them to example folder ,still are some quirk which not work but Ok

my intention is to find proper way for

FindNext, Replace,ReplaceAll functions using scintilla messages
i already have it in my editor but only FindNext work properly

Chris Chancellor

Hello Zlatko,  what compiler that you using?
Are you using PBWin 10 compiler ?

  If yes ,  then follow this instructions :   1. place your Winapi includes files into a folder called " C:\Jose includes"

                                                           2. In the PBWin 10  IDE,  click on the tab at the top, called Window 
                                                            3.  Then select Options ...
                                                           4.   A set of menu will be displayed ,  select the tab Compiler
                                                            5.  You would includes paths  -- select the browse button "..."  on the right
                                                                 And then click on "Add Folder" button
                                                            6.  type in the folder C:\Jose Includes and then click Ok button

             Now, once you compile all the Jose includes will be gotten included in the compilation.

           i have never use scintilla and therefore cannot help you on this

Zlatko Vid

No problem Chris

it is not problem in Jose includes then in garybeene programs
and yes i have problem with Scintilla i am not sure how properly make this subroutines
or functions   i will look somewhere similar

Zlatko Vid

here is part of code from O2HEdit
from Arnold or Roland ...from old JRS forum
but this code is not test and there is no proof that work properly
any expert?

case IDC_FINDNEXT    'Find next Button
           SendMessage hFindEdit, WM_GETTEXT,len(szBuffer), szBuffer

           if IsDlgButtonChecked(hDlg, IDC_FINDDOWN) then
             FindTxt.Chrg.cpMin = SendMessage(hSci, SCI_GetCurrentPos,0,0)      'if up-curpos, if down-anchor
             FindTxt.Chrg.cpMin = SendMessage(hSci, SCI_GetAnchor,0,0)          'if up-curpos, if down-anchor
           end if

           FindTxt.Chrg.cpMax = down * SendMessage(hSci, SCI_GetLength,0,0)     'if up-length   if down-0
           FindTxt.lpstrText=szBuffer                                           'The search pattern (NULL terminated)

           if IsDlgButtonChecked(hDlg, IDC_FINDMATCHWORD) then dwSearchOptions= SCFIND_WHOLEWORD
           if IsDlgButtonChecked(hDlg, IDC_FINDMATCHCASE) then dwSearchOptions=dwSearchOptions OR SCFIND_MATCHCASE
           if SendMessage(hSci, SCI_FINDTEXT, dwSearchOptions, FindTxt)=-1 then
             mbox "No (more) matches found"
             dwCurLine=SendMessage(hSci, SCI_LINEFROMPOSITION,FindTxt.chrgText.cpMin,0)
             SendMessage hSci, SCI_ENSUREVISIBLE,dwCurLine,0                    'Open the sub containing this line if necessary
             SendMessage hSci, SCI_SETCURRENTPOS,FindTxt.chrgText.cpMax,0       'Set end of selection
             SendMessage hSci, SCI_SETANCHOR,FindTxt.chrgText.cpMin,0           'Set begin of selection
             SendMessage hSci, SCI_SCROLLCARET,0,0                              'Scroll to the current caret position
           end if