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TURMERIC as an Anti-Virus Therapeutic

Started by Charles Pegge, March 19, 2023, 12:25:40 PM

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Charles Pegge

TURMERIC as an Anti-Virus Therapeutic: Why didn't we use MORE during Pandemic?
Dr. Suneel Dhand


QuoteI swear by turmeric!! As an RN, I tried to take medications doctors threw at me for my health issues. Long story short, I threw prescriptions away and began turmeric as well as other vitamins and feel better than I have in years 💜

QuoteI had bronchitis back in 2017, and my Indian boss told me to boil whole milk with turmeric and black pepper.  I did what he said, and I started feeling better within 5 minutes. Then I kept drinking it and also whisky/honey/lemon tea, and I was on the way to recovery by the next morning.

QuoteI rescue chickens and a few years ago after I had 2 with ovarian cancer I found some research that showed astounding results of turmeric on preventing this cancer in chickens. The research was obviously meant to be a precursor for human studies (who cares about chickens eh?) But from that day on both me and my chickens eat plenty of turmeric.

Charles Pegge

I use lots of turmeric. I really like it and would use this spice even without the health benefits.

Neem oil I will have to include on my next Amazon order. I guess they are not permitted to advertise it as a therapeutic. (but you can use it to treat your house plants :) )