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The next SPR-Update will be a mayor Step

Started by Theo Gottwald, May 16, 2021, 07:39:33 AM

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Theo Gottwald

During the past we had several ways to localize Elements on GUI's.
Most often we were using Child-Windows or Accessibility-Features.
But what to do if it fails?

Of course you can always use "Quadrant coordinates" or as a final attempt normal Child-Window coordinates.
But this last thing is not really what we wanted.

Because its up to the user to try all technologies and find out"what works",
Using Technologies, that do only work on some Platforms make the system complicated.

So, we needed a Technology that can "Localize anything". Just like a human eye.

In the next Release we will implement this "I can find anything" technology.

This new technology does NOT need any Plugins in whatever browser or Software.
It can recognize Controls on ANY Framework, no matter if Windows- or Java-based or even Frameworks that do not yet exist.

It will just work like "the human eye".
I have uploaded a Sample Video where I am automating the "BRAVE-Browser" - that is chromium-based browser.
The amazing is also the Speed. Its even faster then the old accessibility-Technology.

In this video you will see two Examples where the new technology is already used.

Video: HE-Automation
In the same way, the new technology can recognize and automate anything, that you can recognize, too.

We call it "Human Eye-Technology". It will be the key to automate all that, which you may not had been able to automate before.

Chris Chancellor

Hello Theo,  not sure in your youtube video as i can't understand German, you got somethin in English?
maybe a video in English w'd be nice mate?

Theo Gottwald

Hallo Chris, if you want to see an explanation or what its all about, you can contact me directly with Mail.
I can show you with a Screen-Sharing in detail what its all about.

PS: Sorry for the late reply, I am not reading here so often.
Better contact me with E-Mail.