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Next Update brings multiple Functions to work with CSV-Files

Started by Theo Gottwald, May 14, 2022, 05:43:43 PM

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Theo Gottwald

What do real-life customers use the SPR for?
Sometimes not for sophisticated Automations using Button-Clicks, but for relatively simple Data-Work with Excel- and CSV-Files.
The new TXT.-Commands are also perfect for use with CSV-File.
Because of their design, even 50.000 Line Files can be analyzed, filtered, sorted .... in a Second.
With the next Update there will be new commands just for that.

The following are just some examples of the (50 ?) new commands.
"Sort_by_Column" will sort the CSV-File (starting from a given line) by either "Text","Integer" or "Float"-Numbers based on Columns that you can specify.
"Keep_Columns" - you can give a list like "A-C","G-AD" etc. and the result will be just these columns, all other columns will be removed.
"Filter_Lines" - you want to keep all Lines that contain a Telephone-Number in Column "G"? No problem, using "Filter_Lines" you can define the lines to keep.
All other Lines will be removed.
"Repair CSV"-File" - you may not know that, but loading a file into Excel may not show you all, that is in there. There may be even hidden lines that you will not see ... unless you use this repair function.
This and dozens of other Functions make any statistics and preparation of Excel- and csv files a quick-hack for SPR Users.
Starting from the next Update. Planned for 06/22. We make Updates based on real Projects.