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FYI - Restoring packages

Started by Scott Hauser, February 29, 2008, 08:52:44 AM

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Scott Hauser

I managed to shoot myself in the foot attempting to install geany on Ubunto Dapper. It broke the libc6-dev and a couple of associated libs. After several futile attempts to fix it with apt-get followed by a few futile attempts with Synaptics package manager, I found this with google. It worked so well I thought I would share it.

Grab your install cd, open a terminal and:

sudo apt-cdrom add   '<------ This mounts the cd rom
sudo aptitude install build-essential   '<------- this performs the magic

I tested it using fbc hello.bas. The compile failed -- ncurses lib not found, which I restored with apt-get install ...
It worked.

It is past my bedtime.