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Using API Headers

Started by Gary Beene, January 25, 2012, 03:42:55 AM

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José Roca

Strange petition... Nowhere. They where superceded many years ago.

Theo Gottwald

Yet, still in Use Jose!
Here with me, and with all those people who still use Powerbasic.
These days often with JK-IDE which has great Debugging Features.
Currently JK is the one who continues to bring PB ahead.

Anyway i also do not understand Mr. Morgans Request.
Maybe he just wants to say that he would like an updated version :-).

José Roca

I mean that the latest version is 3.1.17, and he is asking for version 2.02.

Theo Gottwald

OK then he is misinformed like me. You can safely disregard that.
Let me add my best new-Year wishes for you Jose!
Also a THANK YOU in the name of all those who still benefit from your Includes and your work, day by day.
Even next year.