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Started by David Boytor, January 20, 2013, 10:00:54 PM

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David Boytor

Josa, looking for the opengl32.dll


José Roca

This is a dll that comes with the operating system. It must be in your System folder.

Theo Gottwald

QuoteMicrosoft OpenGL, or Open Graphics Library, is a computer standard that is incorporated in many graphics programs and computer games. One of the Dynamic Link Library files that OpenGL relies on is opengl32.dll, and if this file becomes corrupted or gets deleted, programs that power their graphics with OpenGL may become unstable or lose some display functionality. Replacing this file is a good idea if you start encountering error messages that refer to a damaged or missing opengl32.dll file.

Read more: How to Replace Opengl32.dll | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5171282_replace-opengldll.html#ixzz2IdHmlLcJ

David Boytor

I appreciate your help, thanks

Petr Schreiber

The actual OpenGL implementation responsible for real time 2D/3D CG is provided by graphic drivers. The OpenGL provided by Microsoft is slow and old (even in Windows 7 it offers OpenGL 1.x, while the recent version is 4.x) - unusable even for hobby work  ;D

If you are interested in GPU programming, the second thing you should do is to install latest drivers from your graphic card vendor  -NVIDIA/AMD/Intel. (The first thing is to get José's headers of course ;))

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