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PureBasic version of CallStk$?????

Started by Cliff Nichols, November 07, 2013, 08:12:59 PM

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Cliff Nichols

I am working on porting my "ErrorHandling.inc" file for PowerBasic over to a "ErrorHandling.pbi" file for PureBasic and got a lot of the code ported, when I hit a wall that I can not find a way around  >:(

In PowerBasic they have Commands such as "CallStkCount" (Which I use for walking the stack) and CallStk$(#)  where I get the prototype name of the function I am in.

In essence its like my own stack trace that can be executed at run time to debug (even in DLLs)

My problem in PureBasic is that I can not find equivalent commands to do the same thing (or some way to use the Windows API instead, if there are no equivalent)

Does anybody have an idea what to look for??