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PluriBASIC 64bit compilations

Started by Brian Alvarez, January 18, 2020, 09:33:26 AM

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Brian Alvarez

Hello Everyone.

I dont know if what im about to write makes sense or if i am losing my mind, but please bear with me.

I have a Version of PluriBASIC that already can compile some of the PowerBASIC source code to 64bit
executables, and what is missing is nothing when compared to what i already did.

I already got permission to promote it in the PowerBASIC forums, but it is incomplete and i dont seem
to be able to get the time to finish it.

Here goes the crazy thing... i was wondering if there are enough people interested in the forums (or one
patron with enough funds) to raise a pre-sale and raise 2000 to 3000 USD. I would be charging $ 50.00 for
a yearly subscription to PluriBASIC. I am willing to quit job/ask a couple months off to get it to an acceptable
state, good enough to sell licenses. But for this i would need to get an alternate way to pay bills and survive
until done.

PluriBASIC already exists and works acceptably well. It is a shame that it is in the shelf because of my day
job. It has been almost ready for months. What is missing are just fractions of the core features. While it already
supports most of the DDT statements, not all of them will be supported (although at some point the engine may
upport the syntax so that everybody can write the core code to make them work).

The ideal thing is that with the same version of PluriBASIC everyone can compile PowerBASIC, Android and PHP
code (It already does for simple projects, but portions of code are still missing).

Also the idea is that, when ready, I would like to listen to the community to expand the language and add new
features (it already has extended features too). If i get enough support and see it is viable, i will put a link to purchase
what i already got. The supporters/purchasers (any of them) will have the option to be part of a beta team and
participate in a forum specially for this purpose. Not obligatory of course.

This may be too far fetched because i would need to sell around 60 presale licenses of a product that while it is not
terribly broken, is is not complete... so, i might not pull it off. But as i said, it is a shame the PluriBASIC is in the
shelf at the advanced state it is in, i i thought i should at least try to do it.

Please email me at pluribasic@hotmail.com and let me know if you can aquire a pre-sale license or donate to
the cause, after that i will evaluate if it is viable.

With all respect to everybody.
Brian Alvarez.

Anthon Com

Thank you Brian  ;D

For keeping PB alive

Brian Alvarez

Dont thank me yet... it doesnt seem like i will be able to go according to the plan. We are less than halfway the goal. I am kind of scared to quit my job like this. :(

Theo Gottwald

Do not quit your Job, Bryan. See ... even at Bobs time when HE had PB the bussines was rather week.
Its a niche market for idealists. It does not have the capacity to get rich, possibly not even to keep your family alive.
As a good PHP-Programmer you will definitely earn more money.

Let me add, PB is for Hobbyists mostly.
The large Companies have done everything to get this market in their hands.
And they did it in away that Single persons can never compete.