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Automatically uninstall "Google-Drive" (includes YouTube Video Link)

Started by Theo Gottwald, February 06, 2022, 10:43:08 AM

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Theo Gottwald

Using the CHROME-Browser seems to have the disadvantage that Google-Drive is generally installed without asking.
Uninstalling it is theoretically easy, but it looks they made it a bit more difficult intentionally.

Of course it can not be uninstalled while its running.
And because its automatically starting with Windows- its always running.
So you can never uninstall it without first killing the process.

I have recorded the process in a short video. Part I of the Video shows how to use the SPR Buttonbar for an Editing Task in "Help and Manual 8" which is my favourite Help-File Editor. The secons Part of  the video shows the Script for the Uninstallation of Google Drive.
"Robot assisted Work" and "Uninstalling Google Drive"

So Step 1 is "To kill the Process"
Step 2 is: To call the Uninstall.exe
But what is the process name?

First i wanted to know "Where is that executable and whats its name?"

' Locate the Google-Drive Window
STW.ct|ATL:|In Google Drive anmelden
' Get Data From "af" means window handle -> Filename
' so in $$EXE is now the Path and Filename of the Executable that has generated this window.
' BLB. - Before Last Backslash
' ALB -> After Last Backslash
' Show Name and Path of Executable that generated the Google-Drive Window
MBX.$$FIN $crlf$ $$PAA
' Open the Folder in Explorer so i can see all the Files.

Ok then i wanted a automatic running Uninstallation that will also work with future versions of google Drive.

' Locate Google-Drive Window
STW.ct|ATL:|In Google Drive anmelden
' Get Process-ID from this window
' Get Executable/Filename/Path from this window
' Split Path in Path and Filename

' End Google Drive Process

' Run Uninstallation
' No Versionsnumber so its universal
EXU.Google Drive

' Klick first Button
STW.ct|#32770|Google Drive
' Possible Mouse-Click Commands are: MLE. | MLC. | MLM. | MLI. | BCS. | BCS.

' Klick second Button
STW.ct|#32770|Google Drive