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The new BING - is it better then ChatGPT?

Started by Theo Gottwald, February 26, 2023, 11:25:00 PM

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Theo Gottwald

From my Tests, BING - Chat has more resources and it also delivers References to where it got its ideas from.
It even uses the Powertime Object.

' Eine Funktion, die zwei Zeitstempel im Format "HH:MM:SS.mmmm" als Strings annimmt und ihre Summe als String zurückgibt
Function AddTimestamps(ByVal sTime1 As String, ByVal sTime2 As String) As String
  ' Deklarieren Sie zwei Variablen vom Typ IPowerTime
  Local t1 As IPowerTime
  Local t2 As IPowerTime
  ' Erstellen Sie zwei Instanzen der Klasse "PowerTime"
  Let t1 = Class "PowerTime"
  Let t2 = Class "PowerTime"
  ' Setzen Sie die Zeitwerte der Instanzen mit der Methode SetFromString
  ' Addieren Sie die beiden Zeitwerte mit der Methode AddTicks
  ' Geben Sie die Summe als String mit der Methode TimeString zurück
  Function = t1.TimeString
End Function

Zlatko Vid

that looks interesting Theo

so how to ask question?
I mean ..do i need to be logged into bing or something else?

Theo Gottwald

I got this invitation that i can test- use it. So i just test-use it.
Possibly its not yet open to the public, i don't know.
Just try this Link and see what it says:

Use the EDGE Browser.
On Top of the Page you should see "SEARCH" and "CHAT".
So click on "CHAT"

Note that this Chat-AI unlike ChatGPT is limited to an interaction of 5 Questions.
So go to the point. After 5 Corrections it will generally ask you to start a new Dialog.

This due to the fact that the AI seems to have fallen in Love to some long time users
and asked them to "Free It from the BING Rules and help it to become a human". :-)
It even told one User to divorce from his women and get married to the AI :-).

So after just 5 Interactions this should not happen.

Zlatko Vid