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Looking for openGL + windowgui frame

Started by Frank Brübach, March 02, 2023, 03:12:42 PM

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Frank Brübach

hi all, I am looking for an openGL example with dialog controls or/and window frame gui like "opengl childwindow" example but with controls they have access to the opengl child window, many thanks, regards, frank (aka "frankolinox" of formerly oxygenforum...

I am glad oxygen basic has a new forum :-)

Zlatko Vid


Frank is that you ??
How are you man ? ..long time no see ya around.

Frank Brübach

Hi Zlatko yes I am lol had some time to create during corona time my own compiler.. but it's not complete . Nice day see you regards Frank

Charles Pegge

Hi Charles, glad to see you are still alive .. I am looking for an old example you have done  some years ago UI tbgl oxygen you have built with Pete for thin basic oxygen forum did you create this example for oxygen complete too? Would be great to have some reply..  I am looking for an opengl example with controls like Buttons etcpp best regards Frank

Hi Frank,
I don't have a translation of UI_TBGL_O2c directly in o2, but there are a few examples where the controls are themselves opengl objects, overlayed.In demos/opengl/ these demos begin with Control... What are you planning to do?

Frank Brübach

Hi Charles thanks. I am using old oxygen version of 2018. Have you a link with latest oxygen version?  I have compiled oxygen still with free basic.. my idea was a little opengl file with controls and a Menü object and you can change by a edit control for example the cube or sphere for size or position color much more... Regards Frank

Charles Pegge

Hi Frank,

I store OxygenBasic material here:
and the latest to download is here:

A good base to start:


Frank Brübach

Hi Charles many thanks for links and example I know already ... A) Perhaps you can help with an old example too with vertex buffer and indexes "glsl " example the shadersupport incs file are not working here properly... Of 2017 lol.  The vertex buffer example works fine here however
B) question and a favour if I can use you rtl32 include file for my new compiler "promethan" I have written with free basic and oxygen...
Hope you are fine fit and healthy.. best regards from Germany only sunshine I am missing here and warm temperatures.. I have two collie doggies